Thursday, November 26, 2009

Brando begins therapy

Brando continues to get older, in spite of all my efforts. In fact, we'll be celebrating nine years together in January. But being a large dog with tall legs, he's started to have issues with his joints. In "Dogs I Have Met" I wrote about the success we had with Adequan injections. But three years later, we're augmenting that with some other therapies, including acupuncture and the use of an underwater treadmill (at Dag's House.)

In this video, Brando begins his first treadmill session. Remarkably, he got into the tank on his own, had no concerns as the water rose from the bottom and surrounded him, and hesitated only for a second when the treadmill began to roll. Still, you can see the look on his face which seems to be asking "Why?"

In the next clip, we get a side view, which looks a little like something from a science fiction movie. But you can also see how much range of motion he has while underwater. The idea is to maintain and redevelop atrophied muscles, so that the effects of the deteriorated joints will not be as severe.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Have you ordered your Sula calendar yet?

Babe was found wandering the Lower Ninth Ward last fall after we returned from a hurricane evacuation. (He had formed a pack with the English bulldogs Harold and Maude, who we also rescued.) Babe was fostered at Zeus' Place and there he fell in love with Charity and her beagle, Hubig Pie. So, of course, they're all living together now. In this shot from our 2010 Calendar, Babe makes a very confident first visit to a bar. (And somehow manages to look twice his actual size.)

If you haven't ordered your calendar yet, get on it! And pick up a few for your family and friends too.