Sula in love

Yesterday, after several ridiculous false starts and confused installation dates, ADT came to set up security at the new house. When the man arrived, he looked at my three dogs and said, "Why do you think you need an alarm?" Brando proceeded to bark at him for the next four hours. At one point I tried throwing a blanket over him as you would a bird. Didn't work. Sula, meanwhile, bonded with this installation man immediately, which is surprising since she's been attached to my own side ever since we moved. She followed him everywhere, even as he used power tools, which she typically frowns upon. Then, when he was finally through with the job, she ran out and jumped in his truck, refusing to move when I tried to retrieve her.

At the time it seemed both amusing and curious. But as time goes on, I'm beginning to take it a little personally.


Jackelyn said…
Ah, dont take it personally. We all know those pittie types are shameless flirts:)

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