Monday, August 14, 2006

The always competetive Sula responds to Brando's magazine cover with a video

Sula and I discuss The Dogs Who Found Me in a new promo video courtesy of AuthorViews. Unfortunately, after a brief appearance, Sula suddenly felt camera shy. Or maybe she was worried about how she might look afer the thing was edited.

Meanwhile, Lyons Press is out of stock again, which makes an eighth printing. But don't let that stop you--you can still find the book for sale.


lisa in tlh said...

Cool! Sula is so silly. I miss you guys.

Kat said...

I just found your blog, and thought I would say hello. I just turned the last page of your new book, and I loved it. I actually started reading the book yesterday evening, and because I was enjoying it so much, I read it during my lunch break today. I came right home, visited with my three dogs, and returned to your book.

I loved reading about how you went from being without a dog to having three furry best friends. The progression from adopting one pup to eventually becoming a rescuer was sometimes funny, sometimes sad, but always heartwarming.

I hope you will continue writing stories about the dogs who enter your life. I look forward to hearing about the future dogs that I'm sure will cross your path.

I want to wish both you and your four-footed friends, all the best. Thank you for sharing your stories.

Linda Berris said...

I'm with Lisa: Sula is a big silly girl!

Great video, and I'm glad Sula is in it--she's a great spokesdog for pit bulls!