The OJ "confession"

Where do I even begin?

When I heard about this book being released, in spite of its being reported by mainstream media, I didn't believe it. In case you have missed it, OJ has "authored" a "speculative" book titled "If I Did It." The cover features OJ with the the word If in white and I Did It in red, so that the first thing you see is just his face and "I Did It." And, inside, he writes about how he would have killed his wife and Ron Goldman, if he did.

Twelve years ago he vowed to find the killers. Now, for 3.5 million, he's willing to describe in detail what it would have been like to kill his wife and Ron. It is hard to believe that if he was guilty he would be willing to confess. Yet even harder to understand why a grief stricken ex-husband would mar his wife's memory in such a disgusting way.

What do the kids think of this?

I should mention, I guess, that when I worked in publishing in the late 90s, I worked for William Morrow, which pubished a book by the Goldman family. I didn't work directly on the book, but did get to know Kim Goldman socially. Even if she was just out in a dive bar in the East Village, strangers would come up to her and say "You're his sister..." and begin telling her what they thought of the whole ordeal. It isn't the kind of thing you can ever get over, but I'm sure that she and other family members of these victims have tried hard to build lives that aren't completely overshadowed by this tragedy and the media circus that surrounded it.

Eventually, Morrow was sold HarperCollins. "If I Did It" is being published by Judith Reagan at...HarperCollins.

I hope that legitimate bookstores at least refuse to put this thing on display.


Betsy said…
Ken, it's just utter insanity from top to bottom. Whether he's guilty or not - oh and I do think he is - it's beyond disturbing either way that he'd write such a thing. Even more disturbing, in a way, is that Judith Regan would publish it. That anyone would. Under the pretense of it being a confession? Bull-crap. I hope you're right about bookstores, Ken - but I doubt it.
Anonymous said…
What's next?

How We Would Have Stolen the Election ...

by George Bush and Karl Rove

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