Holiday gift suggestions

Pit Bull Rescue Central is continuing to take orders for signed copies of The Dogs Who Found Me, so if you are in the market to combine holiday shopping with raising money for homeless pit bulls, you can shop with them here.

Otherwise, here are some other holiday suggestions:

"We Are the Cat" by Terry Bain
"The Collected Stories of Amy Hempel" by Amy Hempel
"My Friend Leonard" by James Frey
"Dope" by Sara Gran
"Triangle" by Katharine Weber
"Earthquake Exodus, 1906" by Richard Schwartz
"The Emperer's Children" by Claire Messud
"Mostly Bob" by Tom Corwin
"The Underdog" by Julia Szabo
"Shelter Dogs" by Traer Scott
"After the Flood" by Robert Poladori
"Eat Pray Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert
"Fun Home" by Alison Bechdel
"Everything I'm Cracked Up" by Jen Trynin


Linda Berris said…
I hadn't heard about Katharine Weber's book. I've been fascinated for years about the Triangle fire, and have read tons of stuff on it, but this one eluded me. It goes on my wish list! Great to have so many other good suggestions too.

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