Brando's record breaking Urban Dog cover

Brando: Urban Dog Cover
Originally uploaded by kfoz.
The issue isn't out yet, but here's Brando (my Brando, if you are wondering) on the cover of the new issue of Urban Dog. Brando is the only dog to have appeared on TWO issues of the magazine--and this latest also marks the first to use glossy paper stock.

Congratulations Brando!


Anonymous said…
Handsome granddog!! We miss him
Linda Berris said…
What a sweet lil' worry-face! Love the ears too!

Great pic -- really shows off those gorgeous markings! Congrats indeed to Mr. B! :-)
lisa in tlh said…
Che bello! That's a great pic! Congratulations Brando!!!
Anonymous said…
I have yet another publication to buy. Go Brando! Ken, my Powell's purchased Dogs Who Found Me just showed up today. Twenty pages in and I love it. If not for work, I wouldn't put it down.
BETSY said…

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