Another curious Amazon review

As a plane circled overhead, curiously low in the sky, I logged onto Amazon and noticed a one star review had been posted for The Dogs Who Found Me earlier today. The reviewers chief complaints: a belated 9/11 book misleadingly sold as a Katrina book, when only a few chapters actually deal with the storm. Hmm. Okay. I thought it was about dogs. Curious to see what else this reviewer was up to, I clicked onto his reviewers page to see that he had posted a total of four reviews and all of them appeared today. A five star review for The Five People You Meet in Hell, a quickie self-published Katrina exploitation piece and one star reviews for me, Tom Piazza's Why New Orleans Matters and Chris Rose's 1 Dead in the Attic. I clicked onto the page for The Five People You Meet in Hell and saw that according to Amazon statistics, most people who look at that page buy The Dogs Who Found Me, Why New Orleans Matters, or 1 Dead in the Attic.

Hmmm. Coincidence I'm sure.


Anonymous said…
And I am sure you read this comment, "Those that can write, do, and those that can't, write poor reviews out of their jealousy (or hidden agenda)." That was a comment made by Smallwood in response to a poor review he recieved. Sounds like a hell of a guy.
i think its the CIA
Sherrie said…
Guess I'd better write a positive review on I just finished reading your book and it was wonderful.

I adopted 2 older Chinese Cresteds and now I'm involved with the Rocky Mountain Chinese Crested Rescue. I just bought another copy of your book to give the Rescue's Founder. I know she'll enjoy reading the book and it will encourage her.

Your book's positive approach to dog rescue is refreshing and uplifting. I almost didn't buy the book because I was afraid it would be sad. Afraid the focus would be on the lives the dogs had before being found and adopted.

But, I was wrong. Your book was a very enjoyable to read. Your stories were so real but with happy endings. You made excellent points about living with and for your pets without telling negligent owners off. (Although, no one could blame you had you told them off!)

I wish every dog owner would read your book. Maybe they would then realize the value of their pet and the importance of their job as caretaker.

Ironically, the other evening, after I had been reading your book, a neighbor said to me, "I'm thinking about getting rid of my dog and cat and just living a free life." I burst out in tears and told her that she had just said the meanest thing I'd ever heard.

She now owns a copy of your book!

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