Sunday, October 29, 2006

How to go to Denver without going to Denver

Last year, after the insane pit bull ban went into effect in Denver, I posted something here with the headline "Another reason to never go to Denver."

And yet, here I am in Denver. Sort of.

I've been in Lakewood for the weekend at the Best Friends Summit on "Dangerous" Dogs. I'll post more about all that later. And this afternoon I'll be in Littleton, signing books at Borders from 2-4pm. And then I'll drive through Denver again, without stopping, to get to the airport and return home.

On Friday night, I met the couple who run Mariah's Promise, a sanctuary for pit bulls that have been displaced by the Denver ban. They brought a few of their own dogs with them, and after the conference program checked into a Super 8 motel in Lakewood. They paid the fee for having dogs in their room and got settled in. As they were getting ready for bed, there was a knock on the door.

"We heard you have pit bulls in here. You have to leave."

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