Disaster commemoration fatigue

Monday I was exhausted by 6pm. So were all of my friends. We cancelled evening plans. We wondered aloud what could be draining us. It hadn't been that hot. We hadn't over extended ourselves. I think it was just cumulative weariness.

Lost among the past month of anticipation and anxiety: Brando's sixth birthday. And my own birthday, which is coming up on Saturday. Last summer I walked Brando to the French Quarter for his birthday, and we did some shopping at the Three Dog Bakery. The store no longer exits. Last year, my friend Andy was planning a party for our shared birthday. The party never happened.

Currently, Brando is asleep at the bottom of the bed with his head on my knee. Sula is snoring and talking in her sleep on the other side of the room. Zephyr is quiet as a mouse in the next room.

This time last year, we were in Mississippi, without electricity, without gas, and without radios or television. It was sometime on Tuesday that we heard for the first time that the city was covered in water. But we didn't quite believe it.


lisa in tlh said…
Happy Birthday Brando! We miss you and are glad you and your fam made it through this year.
Lisa & Bumpy
Linda Berris said…
Happy Birthday Brando!

Sorry the dog bakery is gone ... if there was a way, we'd send you a doggie cake from here in Chicago. Still, we're sure that the best present you could have is being safe and dry and home with your family. In your honor, we will now offer a 12-paw salute, while mom plays Satchmo's "Wonderful World".]

-- Linda and Molly Berris (and, even though you'd chase us relentlessly, Eli and Louie, too!)

PS: An early happy b-day to Ken, too!
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Ken!!!
And a happy belated birthday to Brando too!

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