Meeting the new voice of Ken Foster

This morning I had a long talk with Patrick, the actor who will be reading The Dogs Who Found Me for the upcoming audio release. He and his wife rescue dogs too, so I felt some relief at knowing that he actually understood the subject of the book. So there was a lot of dog talk, followed by a brief list of names that he wanted to check pronounciation on. (Chartres Street, for example. And Scholle. And giardia.) So, while I initially felt a little weirded out at having someone else tell my story--in the first person!--I now feel that I'm in good hands.


Anonymous said…
It's good that Patrick checked pronounciation with you. There's nothing more jarring to an audio book reader (listener?) than hearing something mispronounced. It happens all the time and it's especially bad with books that take place in New Orleans since the proper French pronounciation usually doesn't cut it. Thanks Patrick!

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