Election returns: my sister wins another term!

Foster for President
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My sister, Rebecca Foster, was re-elected last night as President of Pinckney, Michigan. She's also agreed to serve an additional two years as my sister.

Meanwhile, in New Orleans, William Jefferson got 30% of the vote leading a field of a zillion candidates for his seat. He'll be in a December run-off with Karen Carter. Also, an ammendment was passed that exempts artists and gallery owners from paying tax on unsold art. This was a nice surprise, since it was the only ammendment that the Times-Picayune had no opinion on. In fact, it had so little of an opinion that the only coverage it warrented was a single sentence that misrepresented the exemption as one of "exemption from property tax."


Big Sis said…
I did? How much champagne did I have?
Anonymous said…
Congratulations to my cousin, Becky.

Keep up the good work and save some Champagne for the next time we meet.

Your cousin, Matthew
Big Sis said…
Well, Matthew, if you'd email me i could tell you the name of the tasty French champagne I was drinkng the night I supposedly said I'd be Ken's sister for two more years. Purgatory doesn't last that long, does it? (just kidding, lil' bro!). fosterberger@mac.com

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