A year ago, before the power went out...

Monday, August 29, 2005 (3am)
I'd like to sleep through this...
but I can't. Not only that, I'm watching the hideous, gleeful FOX News coverage, in which the newscasters clink their champagne glasses while announcing that New Orleans will certainly never survive. (And what great ratings we'll receive!)

Brando is at the door to my host's bedroom, where she is sleeping with her terrified cat. Brando, meanwhile, is whining, because he thinks she should be sleeping with him. And I think he should be with me in my sleeping bag. The sleeping bag is borrowed, after I tried to go to Walmart to buy an air mattress and discovered that they had closed. (I thought they were all about serving the community!!!)

The maps, even on FOX, look like my street back in New Orleans might be safe from flooding. I really want to go back there, eventually, and find that my street is intact and inhabitable. I miss it already.

Shortly after this post, the electricity went out; and around noon the eye of the storm was overhead, sending a huge tree crashing through the roof.


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