Saturday, September 16, 2006

Hometown news; vegan shoes

The Lock Haven Express has a story today about a trio of strangely successful formerly local children: me, Tym DeSanto, and another incredibly talented writer. Apparently the print version features a photo of me with a toilet seat from college. This is what happens when you don't send requested photos. The toilet isn't available online, but the rest of the story is: "Clinton County Friends in Spotlight."

Meanwhile, I'm doing an event tonight with a vegan shoe store, and I have to confess, I really didn't even know such things exist. (I know there are non-leather shoes,but hadn't considered them neccessarily vegan.) In any case, the store is called Moo Shoes, and the shoes themselves are pretty cool.

2 comments: said...

Hello, Ken:
This has nothing to do with vegan shoes but I wanted to let you know that Best Friends is hosting a summit on breed banning ordinances and legislation on October 27-29 in Lakewood, Colorado. There is more info on their website. Hope all is well with you and yours. We're counting down until we hit the Quarter for Halloween and volunteer for ARNO for a few days.

Greg Grieb said...

Hi Ken. I read your book, The Dogs Who Found Me, a few months ago but didn't know you grew up in the same area as I did (Mill Hall for me) until I saw it at the Express online. I now live in Charlotte, NC. Anyways, thanks for such a great book that really tugs at the heart for us dog lovers and for being an advocate for the homeless ones. Below is a link to a few pics of my current dog (Misty) if interested.

She came to me via the local Humane Society when she was 10 months old (she's now a little over 2 years old) and has some mild issues with strangers. But the slow progress with that is being made. I realized that when my sister who visited a couple weeks ago said she noticed an improvement.

Congratulations on your book.

Greg Grieb