6 murders in 18 hours

This morning I headlined this "6 murders in five days". As you can see, I've had to update that info.

A few days ago, there was a news report that the current New Orleans murder rate is ten times the national average. Today, the city recorded its six murder of the new year. At 5:30 am a young couple, not far from my own neighborhood, answered a knock on their door. A man shot the woman, killing her, then shot her husband, who was holding their child in his arms. The man was hospitalized. The child is "unharmed", which might be true physically.

Last week, during one of the many year end murders, a local musician was fatally shot in the head while driving a car with his wife and kids. The police reported that the family was "otherwise fine" or something like that.

Meanwhile, Mayor Nagin has absolutely nothing to say on the subject. I guess that's because he doesn't really live here.


Anonymous said…
I think what the police rep said was "slightly traumatized." I wonder what they consider severely traumatized?

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