Have I mentioned...

that I'll be attending the Bad Rap conference in Oakland California this weekend? And I'll be giving a reading Monday October 16th at Books Inc. on Market Street in San Francisco at 7:30.

And how about this: Zephyr is featured as a sort of spokesdog on the website for Ginger's Pet Rescue.

And Brando and Sula both have their own days in Workman Publishing's "Dog Gallery" calendar for 2007. (Photos by Cami Johnson.)

My friend Tom Corwin now has a great website for his book Mostly Bob.


Anonymous said…
Fantastic that you will be attending the BadRap conference! Great organization, and their site is a wonderful resource. Enjoy being surrounded by committed pit bull lovers - (this year didn't work out for me, but fingers crossed for next year).

and good luck with the reading!
p.s. - you'll be able to share good PETA stories, I'm sure . . .
Anonymous said…
Brando & Sula are pin-up stars!

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