Thursday, August 24, 2006

Personal lubricants: an essential carry-on?

I recently took a week-long trip back to Costa Rica, which I'll report on further at a future date. But it was during this trip that all of the carry-on rules were changed, and I have to admit I'm still a bit confused by what they consider to be essential. For example, you are allowed to carry up to four ounces of KY jelly on board the aircraft. For what essential, mid-flight purpose is this being allowed?

Here is the language as it appears on the official TSA list:

Up to 4 oz. of essential non-prescription liquid medications including saline solution, eye care products and KY jelly

Gel-filled bras and similar prostethics

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shecanfilmit said...

Hmmm... I won't comment on that one.

Just wanted to say "Hi!" - I took your class last spring. I wasn't aware of the Dog Whisperer show until a few weeks ago. I've been obsessed by it, and think of your every time I watch. Certainly this Cesar guy is on your wavelength. Have you ever posted about him? Met him?