Another unpredictable pit bull...

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As you can see from this photo, the mere presence of another animal within the vicinity causes distress and alarm in this extremely territorial dog.

Actually, Nadine, who lives in Ohio, has no problems at all. Her owner, who is studying to be a vet, writes: Your experiences picking up strays mirror my own very much. I have watched 10 or 15 people pass a stray as though she wasn't there before I just led her away, put her in the car and took her home. I also thought you gave amateur dog rescuers excellent advice throughout the text.

I am a pre-veterinary student at Ohio State. I hope to dedicate my first few years as a vet to a pit bull rescue group, helping with things like spay/neuter, vaccinations and general pit bull education. I am a loud but friendly advocate for these guys. I want my dog to be a good example. Every time I am out with my dog (which is often, she goes everywhere with me) is a chance for me to give someone a small bit of truth about pits. They see my well-trained, healthy, happy pit and they say "what kind of dog is that" I proudly say "she is a very nice pit bull, don't believe what you hear about them, there are lots of good ones out there"

My mom also has a pit. Her name is Priscilla and she is a therapy dog. Certified with CGC, HOPE and DELTA. She goes into hospitals and nursing homes with my mom as her handler (one might speculate that this is who I inherited my insane animal obsession from). Priscilla has even scored a few appearances with the local news in Richmond, VA. After news of a pit bull attack, my mom contacted our local station and they interviewed her with Priscilla about her therapy work. NBC 12 called her "an ambassador for the breed".


Betsy said…
Aw, and they're even color-coordinated!

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