More on PETA and pit bulls

When people challenge PETA on their pit bull stance, they are generally told two things:
1. Let's focus on what we agree on.
2. PETA doesn't think all pit bulls should be euthanized.

So it is curious to learn that as long ago as 2002, PETA sent their "authorities" to give "expert" testimony in a case in Alabama, where two people were hoping to adopt puppies that had been taken as part of a seizure of a pit bull breeding ring. The dogs had been essentially quarentined while the court decided whether or not the dogs should be killed. PETA was there to make sure that the dogs didn't go home with anyone. They lost the case. Since part of their apparent concern is that so much time and money is directed to pit bulls rather than other animals, one can't help but wonder how much money was spent by PETA in trying to get these four Alabama puppies euthanized.

And while they discourage debate from people on this issue, they actually actively participate in the debate on a national level. Recently, they participated in a debate with Ledy Van Kavage of the ASPCA on Talking Justice. You can listen here.


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