Sula Meets Ted Leo

Ted Leo
Originally uploaded by kfoz.
Yesterday, on our afternoon walk, Sula and I ran into Ted Leo and The Pharmacists loading up a jeep outside of the Piety Street recording studio. Sula's been trying to get her foot in the door there for the past year. In the beginning she tried flirting with Oliver, the studio dog, but that wore off once she realized she could target the famous and semi-famous musicians. Why bother with a dog when there's a chance of getting serenaded by Elvis Costello? So yesterday, we walked past Ted and the jeep, and after a few yards Sula did a u-turn and began loitering and wagging her tail. Finally Ted gave her some attention.

This obsession with musicians recalls Brando's celebrity obsessed puppyhood in the East Village, where he got attention from Sandra Bullock (who tried to hide behind a bush watching him drink from a hose), John Leguizamo (who lived a few buildings away), and Edie Falco (who he would sit and stare at in the park every morning.)

Among my dogs, only Zephyr is immune to celebrity. Or maybe she just thinks everyone is famous.


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