George Bush returns; rebuilding screeches to a halt

Sky News
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Remember when you were young and got your photo redone each year: for the yearbook, or the sports team, or the band, or whatever club you were in? Mr. George Bush remembers it like it was yesterday. So he came down to take some commemorative photos, because he remembers doing something similar around this time last year.

And what did this accomplish? Traffic stalled all across the city. People forbidden to drive from one side of Canal Street to another. General chaos. I'd been hoping to get groceries, dog food and also drop by Tulane to get ready for classes tomorrow, but I was asking too much of Bush to allow the city to function that much in his presence.

In the parking lot of the grocery store, I ran into Elizabeth Pearce in her matching green Element. We block traffic ourselves, caught up in our ranting. "You know what's amazing?" I say. "At this point it would actually have been less embarassing for him if he hadn't come here at all. He actually would have looked better if he had just stayed home."

I had, during my struggle to make it across town, considered turning around and waiting along the security route, so that I might "communicate something" as Bush drove by...but I decided to be practical about it, and just keep moving.


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