The Jeffersons

I voted early Saturday for for Karen Carter, not that it made a difference. William Jefferson, who is under investigation after feds found $90,000 in his freezer, was reelected to Congress, where he will do nothing for anyone. I'm sure most of the press will look at this as another example of the racial divide in New Orleans, although both candidates are African American. The real factor was the vote in suburban Jefferson Parish, where the crazy Sheriff came out against Carter after she reminded everyone that it was Jefferson Parish that held refugees at gunpoint after they crossed the Mississippi River bridge on foot during the flood. Jefferson Parish didn't want any of "those people". And voters there overwhelmingly chose Jefferson for Congress.

After the storm, those of us who live in Orleans Parish were forced to drive out to Jefferson Parish for food, appliances and other services, since they were mostly spared there. And, more than a year later, businesses are flourishing there, while Orleans Parish still struggles.

I think it is time to stop supporting Jefferson Parish. If we're going to spend money, let's keep it on our own turf.


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