Can anyone help a dog in Atlanta???

I got a call yesterday--on my cell phone, which made it even more surprising--from a stranger in Atlanta looking for help. He'd read my book, and I guess managed to find a listing for my cell number somewhere. The man who called is from California, but currently visiting a friend in Atlanta who has been hospitalized with health problems. The friend's dog needs a place to go--his owner won't be able to care for him again. They are hoping to avoid taking the dog to a shelter, but he doesn't know where to go, particularly since he is from out of town. Another Atlanta area person had been caring for the dog, but decided that they couldn't continue doing so indefinately.

If you know of any organizations who can help, please email me or post them here. Thanks!


addie said…
it wouldnt hurt to post the request in online communities for pet lovers or the atlanta area like and such?
Anonymous said…
I just found this website today after starting your book. You didn't mention what kind of dog it is. I volunteer for Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta. There are a few golden rescue groups here and many groups that rescue mix breeds and other purebred rescues. One of the biggest places is Atlanta Humane society. It's a shelter, so you'd have to check the Euthanasia policy, but it's big and takes in a lot of dogs. Best is a rescue with fosters, but harder to get in.
kfoz said…
This dog was/is a pit mix, which unfortunately is hard to place, particularly in Atlanta, where many of the rescues have designated breed and size limitations. Not all of course. There are several terrific organizations. More than several. But the poor pit bulls have a hard time even if they are great representatives of their breed.

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