Candy is sweet...and looking for a home

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I've known Candy since she was a puppy at the Louisiana SPCA last spring. Unfortunately, she's still living there, where she's become a staff favorite; they would love for Candy to finally find a home. If you are interested, you can find more information about adoptions by going to the Louisiana SPCA website.

From one of the volunteers:
When she first came to us in March she was painfully shy and curled up in the back of her kennel if anyone approached. She was comfortable with staff and volunteers but didn't present well to potential adopters. We started bringing her into the offices so she could socialize more and be around a variety of people. Lori Hauser made her pet of the week numerous times so she would be up front where everyone first enters the warehouse. All of this helped bring out her personality and in the last couple of months she has blossomed into a lovely dog, still a little timid, but she warms up quickly and has the silliest personality. She loves to play with other dogs, and she loves affection.


Teri said…
As a volunteer in a shelter, and a foster parent of multiple dogs, I can only say thank you for your site. Thank you for your book. Thank you for letting the public know about how living with dogs can only enhance your life. Dogs have a complete understanding of us.

AND, this beautiful pit bull dog should go to a wonderful home if you have anything to say about it.

As a pitbull rescuer, I wish you luck. Keep up the fight!
TrapJacksMama said…
Good news Ken - Candy has been adopted by a great family!!

Thanks for getting the word out for our beautiful girl :)

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