Random Notes: MySpace, BSL, gym memberships, "Intersection," and the New Orleans weather

I was going to call this post "Bits and Pieces" but thought better of it, given the sometimes gruesome information here. So here are some things I've been meaning to post, but never found space or enough to say to make an whole post out of it.

*The Dogs Who Found Me has its own MySpace page. Go make friends with it at www.myspace.com/dogswhofoundme

*People have asked where they can buy "New Orleans | Intersection" which features 25 writers, 25 artists, and 25 intersections. It is selling out at local stores, but the stock is being replenished. You can find more info at the Press Street web page, including a link for mail order.

*It is mid-July and we haven't had anything resembling a tropical storm in the region. We hope this is a sign rather than an omen.

*I recently toured the newly reopened New Orleans Athletic Club, which is supposedly the oldest gym in the country. It is in the French Quarter, and therefore more convenient than the Jewish Community Center uptown, where I currently go. But the crazy NOAC is also kind of expensive. And even though their instructors and staff haven't returned, they aren't cutting any deals for new members. On the other hand, it is hard to resist a gym that has a library and a bar. Then again, in researching them, I discovered that they only began letting African Americans in after a lawsuit--in 1986. If you go the website, you'll see that it all looks a bit like the old board game Clue.

*New Orleans continues having blackouts. I missed two yesterday afternoon while I was in Mississippi. But the Federal Government will not fund the repair of the electrical grid, because Entergy is a private company. Of course, why is Entergy a private electric company? Because the Feds deregulated everything. So this mornings paper announces the solution: electric bills will be going up $45 a month.

*In August I'll be part of a conference in Chicago regarding dog breed legislation (ie. the enforced extinction of pit bulls, rottweilers and whatever other dogs come next...). If you are interested in attending, sign up now at New Leash on Life.


nolapoet said…
NOAC is notorious as the land of deal-cutting, closet-case politicians, and other such delectable bits of New Orleans history. Enjoy!

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