Borders Interview Online; Satya magazine interview

Borders is featuring The Dogs Who Found Me in their August "My Borders" newsletter, with an excerpt with photos, and a Q & A.

Also, Satya Magazine is available in print, but they're also running their feature with me online.


no blogging on vacation!!!
Mia Basile said…
I just read, The Dogs Who Found Me. I loved it.
I'm a nut about my dog and dogs in general, so I can relate.
What you have done in rescuing dogs is really amazing. You've inspired me to find out what I can do to help these little guys.
Thanks for a great read. said…
Hello, Ken:
I work at a Borders in Connecticut and I checked the Newsletter which is dated for August. I didn't see any mention of you or your book. Is it possible that it will be in next month's edition?

Also wanted to mention...Borders employees can do staff selections which are featured prominently at the front of the store and The Dogs Who Found Me has been one of my picks for several weeks now. It has been flying out of the store and I'm constantly reordering from Ingram to keep the display full. It's been very satisfying as I love to see Sula's face amidst the wasteland of chick lit.

All the best from a fan and frequent visitor to New Orleans. Last time my husband and I were there, we volunteered for Best Friends at Celebration Station. In early November we will be back and volunteering for ARNO.

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