The Year of Magical Thinking

In The Year of Magical Thinking, Joan Didion writes about how for the first year after her husband's death she measured time by recalling what she and her husband had been doing a year before. A year ago we were on vacation, a year ago we had dinner with friends, etc. Then, after a year, she could no longer find comfort in looking back that distance, because a year ago he was dead.

This morning I had coffee with a friend who asked, "What do we do now?"

A year ago, I was trying to find ice and water in Mississippi, but no one knew where it was. The Red Cross kept directing us to places that were not distributing any supplies at all.

At some point, I drove out to try to find my vet in Petal, and when I reached the top of a hill, my cell phone began to work, briefly. I called a friend and asked him to post a message online:

Wednesday, August 31, 2005
A Ken Foster Update
Hi Everyone,
This is Ken's friend Case in Florida. I spoke with Ken today (his phone is finally working, though only intermitenttly) and he asked me to post the following things.
1) He is ok.
2) He is still in Hattiesburg, MS, but as conditions there worsen (no ice, water, a/c etc..) he is heading to Tallahassee.
3) He and the dogs have a place to stay here
4) His words, "It's total chaos. No one is in charge or seems to know what's going on."

He should be available by phone and email soon.


Anonymous said…
I remember reading that post...I hadn't spoken to you and I was worried, it was a real relief. And I didn't know who case was!
and now, you try every day to forget who he is, and also, are still relieved.

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