Sunday, November 13, 2005

The animal rescue craziness continues...

A friend emailed me after receiving an email about how the LA-SPCA is limiting animal rescue efforts and "thousands" of animals are dying in the streets. She wanted to know what was really going on. My response:

Here's my take on what I've had to deal with as a resident and animal rescuer myself:

Upon coming home, piles of dog food and treats knee high on every street corner attracting rats and stray dogs that made it dangerous to leave my home with my own dogs.

"Katrina Animal Rescue" cars driving at high speeds going the wrong way down one way streets in neighborhoods where pedestrians where at risk of being hit if they weren't expecting such careless out of town driving.

Countless instances of homes being broken into even after the the owners had returned with their dogs.  In one case, a police officer's rottweiler was rescued while he was on duty.

Jane Garrison and others have told residents that it is our responsibility to make sure they don't take our animals.  Funny way of thinking.  LIke telling me that it is my responsiblity to make sure I'm not robbed.

Whlie in the dog park one day I turned my back for a second and heard someone whispering to my dog from an open car window.  Who was it?  Katrina Animal Rescue, who then zipped away going the wrong way on my street.

Many of these groups refuse to list their animals online, or particularly refuse to list them through Petfinder or the SCPA.
Graffitti is everywhere.  The majority of it from animal rescuers reporting three or four times, in spray paint sometimes a foot high, that there is no dog in a house.

Many of these volunteers took rescue lists from the SPCA and then selectively rescued only certain dogs on the list, leaving behind others.

I could go on, but my point is that it is out of control, and while many of these groups mean well, or meant well, they are out of control.  It is total chaos, and the end result is that those of us lucky enough to return are having to deal with the chaos they've created.   If they really wanted to help at this point, they'd find a way to work within the system and considering the extreme problems we are facing.  But they won't.

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