Rosalind and her lady are together again...

This morning I took Zephyr to the park and ran into Rosalind and her owner, who was shocked and embarrassed to learn that Roz had been sneaking off the porch and pretending to be a street dog. She had received the call I made, but the dog showed up immediately afterward, so she assumed it was an isolated incident. Until this week, they had been staying on 20 acres in Texas.

I'm still not going to describe the horror of my kitchen. But I will say that I went to pick up my mail yesterday. They have temporary post offices set up beside the Superdome, and after waiting in line forever and talking with the rest of the people in line...I got one letter, postmarked August 27th.

I also went to the Sav A Center on Tchoup--it was open, fully stocked, as if nothing had ever happened. The one thing they are lacking is employees.

Some of my favorite places in the Marigny are getting ready to open: Cafe Rose Nicaud, the Brasserie, etc. And in the Quarter, Cafe Du Monde is opening next Wednesday.

Tomorrow night Andy Young is hosting the party that was supposed to be for both of our birthdays back on September 2nd. This afternoon we're driving out to Kenner to pick up the lamb. If you're in town...come on over!

And if you are among the many people wondering if it is time to come back...get your asses on the road and come home!!!


Anonymous said…
It's good to hear you're home, Ken.

Jessica said…
Cafe du Monde is opening again? Hallelujah. Any word on Preservation Hall? The other thing I still haven't heard anything about are the cemeteries... I can't imagine that they survived the deluge, but there's been nothing in the news.

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