Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Never leave the house without a camera

For a while after I returned to New Orleans, I didn't want to carry a camera around with me, because there were too many other things to deal with beyond playing disaster tourist. And every day I'd see some odd little detail that I wished I could capture on film. Then I spent a few days with the camera in my bag, just in case. But that habit grew old too. A few days ago I almost grabbed the camera on the way out the door, but I left it behind, thinking "What could I possibly take a picture of now?"

Here is what I could have photographed:

1. A few blocks from my house, a mile long train carrying nothing but new, shiny FEMA trailers for as far as I could see.

2. On the way home, passing the exploded propane tank warehouse, I spotted two people and a giant marionette among the ruins, performing I-don't-know-what while a third person captured it on video.

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