Carpetblogger wreaks havoc on dog tummy!

Brando has colitis and I blame Case, aka

Not only did that carpetbagger/blogger squat in our living room, he made no effort to engage the dogs while he was here. And he paces! Then he moved three blocks away and Brando had his latest breakdown. The physical manifestation was some really bloody poop, which I subsequently dropped off at the vet in a nice tupperware container. The diagnosis: colitis caused by stress.

So this morning I tried to pamper the Brando a bit more than I have lately, and I took him for a walk and then a frolic in the park with Dixie, a catahoula pit bull from the French Quarter.

Yesterday we found a female dog in heat--an adorable rottweiler/corgi, if you can imagine. While I wrangled Brando back into the house, the Carpetblogger came by and sat on the stoop with the little bitch in heat, and the combination of the two of them was, I am certain, the final straw for my Brando.

Meanwhile, I've delivered the girl dog to the SPCA,where I've been volunteering opening envelopes and filling out deposit tickets for the many contributions that are coming in after the Humane Society of the United States sent out a mailing on the Lousiana SPCA's behalf. What a nice example of how animal groups can/could work together.


lisa in tlh said…
Hugs for Brando. Poor thing.
Bumpy says hi.

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