Monday, November 21, 2005

Entergy's definition of "restored"

Entergy, the bankrupt electric company that is currently sitting on their thumbs in New Orleans, claims to have restored power to the Bywater and Marigny neighborhoods that run east of the French Quarter, along the river. Yet last night we had another lengthy blackout--the fifth in nineteen days. Although I haven't seen any public explaination or acknowledgement of the problems, it is fairly predictable. The power will go out:
1. Every Tuesday night.
2. Every time it rains.
3. Every time the wind blows.

And yet they claim the service has been "restored." And they refuse to pay for extra crews to help with repairs. And, when I called to ask for an explaination or refund today, I was told "Well it is because of the hurricane." Which would seem to suggest that...they haven't yet restored anything at all, and their claims to have restored service to some areas are actually, completely, false. I was about to introduce this concept with the rep on the phone, but then my cell phone went dead--because I haven't been able to charge it.

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