Thursday, November 24, 2005

Lingering on the borders of CNN and NPR

I've been opening mail for the past week at the Lousiana SPCA--where everyone should make a contribution for Christmas--and CNN has been there for the past few days, filing a special report that will air at some point on Monday night. There's a chance I'll be seen manning the letter opener amid stacks of envelopes. Or I may possibly be shown reading a letter aloud from five teachers who decided to contribute instead of exchanging gifts this year. They sent $100 each.

While I was opening mail, NPR's Talk of the Nation featured the editors of The Bark, talking about the new issue, which features an amazing section of Katrina stories that Julia Lane put together. My story of leaving with my dogs is just one small part of it. When I finally got a copy of the issue I was overwhelmed by all of the other stories--and how well the section represents all of New Orleans. Unlike most of the other coverage around.

The other thing I love about The Bark issue is the cover--an amazingly gorgeous pit bull named Sally.

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