Saturday, November 05, 2005

Another pit bull attack and the press misses the real problem

A ten year old was mauled by three pit bulls in Colorado yesterday and in reading the press accounts of the horrible incident the blame is set squarely on the dogs. Yet, as usual in nearly every case like this, there are odd little details that no one seems to question.

The boy was attacked after climbing over the back fence to break into his family home because the door was locked and no one was home to let him in. CHILDREN SHOULD NOT HAVE TO BREAK INTO THEIR OWN HOMES.

The pit bulls--three of them--were kept loose in the back yard. ANIMALS THAT ARE MEANT TO BE PETS SHOULD NOT BE CONFINED TO THE YARD.

After subdoing the dogs--by shooting at them--officials found puppies as well. PEOPLE WHO ARE RESPONSIBLE PET OWNERS DON'T BREED DOGS IN THEIR YARD.

And then there's this, buried, as usual, at the end of the report: "Two years ago, the same dog owner was cited for keeping too many dogs and allowing them to run free." PEOPLE WITH A TRACK RECORD OF IRRESPONSIBILITY SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO HAVE PETS OF ANY KIND.

The sad thing is that the people responsible here will probably not be prosecuted, but anyone who owns a pit bull resposibly will face fines or relocation.


lm said...

You are SO on the mark!

Irresponsible people are a problem.

Irresponsible pet owners are a danger (sometimes to their pets, sometimes to people, sometimes both!)

Anonymous said...

right. guns don't kill kids, kids do.

kfoz said...

I'm not sure that comparison makes any sense at all, but it would make a great bumper sticker, if you're into that. Sort of like since most crime is committed by men, let's get rid of them.