Remember when Apple actually had customer support?

In the old days--and by that I mean the 1990s--you could call Apple and actually speak with people who would help you solve whatever problem you might have with your computer. Now you call in and they won't answer questions unless you pay $49.00 for the service. That's bad enough, but the problem goes beyond that; I'm currently at one hour and fifteen minutes on hold with them.

My old (old meaning 2002) ibook has apparently had a logic board failure. I discovered on Saturday, when my internet was finally installed, that Apple issued a sort of "recall" of this model due to the installation of bad logic boards by the manufacturer. When I called in to the support line, I was told that their offer to repair the logic board had expired a week earlier. The guy on the other end suggested that since Katrina was responsible for my delay in reporting the problem, I could try calling customer relations on Monday. Support and relations are not the same thing,apparently. So today I called in, but the menu doesn't offer a customer relations option. So I waited on hold for another tech person. Explained the whole sequence to him, and sat listening to him fumble around looking for the proper extension. He then disconnected me. I called sales. Waited on hold again, explained the problem and was transfered to ONLINE sales. Explained the problem again and was transfered to another hold, with really awful music playing. And that is where we are now.

Will my next computer be an Apple?


rcs said…
How coincidental - I just handed a friend's iBook G4 to DHL for a logic board replacement. On Friday she had called the number on the Logic Board Repair FAQ (1-800-275-2273) and got right through. The rep was sympathetic but since she was out of warranty she's having to pay for the replacement - to the tune of about $350. She said "ok" and the DHL guy was in my driveway about noon today.

Great blog, BTW - greetings from Central City.
rcs said…
Not an uncommon problem, unfortunately.
Hello Ken… Are you sure, that your Ibook is a G4 Model ?
THERE is actually a replacement programme for iBook G3 Models.

I talked to a senior Apple Exec last week, and they were not aware of any issues with the iBooks.
In fact they are now alerted and are taking a keen eye on this.

I would like to get some confirmation on this issue, if it really is a G4 iBook…, please… :-)


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