500 Violins

Somewhere in Kenner there is a pile of 500 moldy violins. I know little more than this. My friends left early today to pick up the violins and the lamb. Of course, the violins will be unplayable. But we aren't musicians anyway.


Betsy said…
You do realize you just wrote a short short story here, right?
Jennifer said…
I've been following your blog since the storm and I'm really glad you're home! Hopefully NO will start to come back to life! I think you should write an article about your awful FEMA experiences. Perhaps Newsweek's "My Turn" column. I think everyone else in the country should learn how disorganized an ineffective FEMA is... after all, our tax dollars pay for it, and it sure seems like you haven't gotten your money's worth! Good luck cleaning your kitchen!

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