FEMA: "We don't make decisions...a computer does"

I just got off the phone with another rude, possibly even irate FEMA rep, who told me that my property would have to be inspected before they awarded me any rental assistance. But, she said, they are behind in their inspections. When I asked where I should live in the meantime, she had no answer. When I told her that last week I was told it didn't need inspection because I was in the worst hit zip code, she didn't have anything to say. When I told her that other people in my neighborhood have already received money, she said, "Well, we don't make the decisions. I mean, no human is involved. It's a computer generated award." How does that work? "If you answer the questions a certain way, it gives you the money." I said, "I guess I answered a question wrong." No reply.

So if everything is done by computer, why does this woman even have a job?


Julie said…
I really hope things work out for you soon, Ken. I have been reading your blog since Katrina. I just got your book, Dog Culture, and look forward to reading it. Hnag in there. Love to the dogs from mine (Mack a Border Terrier)
In Hove, England
none said…
Me too, Ken. I've been reading your blog since Katrina, too. I hope things get better. Jane Harrison in north Mississippi.

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