Rabbit on the loose in New Orleans

Nola.com has neighborhood message boards that were incredibly helpful in keeping displaceds residents informed while evacuated. Lately, unfortunately, the messages have degenerated into idiotic, racist rants (from just a few people) addressing their concerns over the possible return of men in baggy pants. Occasionally, things return to normal:

A post from last night:
Missing a Rabbit?
Late last nite I actually saw a RABBIT on Rampart near Montegut. It was tan and pretty large, with upright ears. It's possible it was wild, but I've never seen a rabbit in our area before. I had a pet rabbit for five years when I was a kid-thought this one might be someone's lost pet. I tried to call to it (don't laugh!) but it made a right on Montegut toward the river.

The response:
My rabbit
That crazy rabbit took up with my 80 lbs Doberman a couple of years ago and has been living in my yard. The rabbit surived Katrina under the house but has gotten rather lonely since the dog had to be put to sleep due to old age back in June and now with fewer people and stray cats in the area lately, he roams the neighborhood more. He even survived the rogue animal rescue groups. So don't worry about him, he's a true survivor.


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