Friday, November 25, 2005

Another day, another blackout...

New Orleans managed to get through Thanksgiving without a blackout, but this morning's paper finally covers the ongoing problems the eastern occupied half of the city has been having. Baty Landis, the owner of the cafe I frequent for internet access, is quoted in the piece talking about how the frustration of being unable to do business several days a week has led her to buy a generator--and consider leaving town.

Yet this morning, at precisely 7 am, we had another blackout. I called Entergy ("the city's power monopoly" per today's paper) and got a recording: "The power outage is due to a storm. Crews are working to resolve the situation. We expect service to be restored by Saturday December 3rd."

HUH? First of all, there has been no storm. There hasn't even been a breeze. Second, how could they be working on it when it had literally just occurred? And why would it take eight days to fix???

The power was back on 90 minutes later, thus preserving everyone's turkey leftovers.

Bellsouth, on the other hand, has given me total BS regarding getting my service back. There isn't a problem with the lines--they just want to replace them. Meanwhile, they have told me I will have service in a) November, b) late February, c) November 25, and d) never.

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