One of the reasons people were discouraged from returning to New Orleans was the question of what medical facilities would be open, and when. This concern also led to the Uptown neighbhorhoods being among the first to have power restored. I wasn't too concerned with any of this until last night, when a newly lowered tree branch poked me in the eye while I was playing in the yard with the dogs. I decided to make the best of it and go to sleep early, hoping it would be fine in the morning. Of course it was worse. And just to make the night more insane, the electricity went nuts and my lights were flashing on and off all night long. Even when I shut the ceiling lights, all of the appliance power lights kept flashing like christmas lights...or a poltergeist. At that point, with no lights and only one eye, I was beginning to feel a bit panicked.

So this morning some friends drove me up to Touro, where I was one of three patients in the ER. There was one doctor on duty, and a few assistants. They diagnosed me quickly, but it took an hour to find someone who could bring the ointment from the pharmacy. On the way home we stopped at a costume shop where I purchased an eye patch and a plastic hook hand. I'm now set for Halloween.


lisa in tlh said…
I think you should live in a bubble.
case said…
it's probably safest
Big Sis said…
You are such a disaster. Please find someone to take care of you. Dogs don't count.

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