Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Could there be even more reasons to drive BellSouth out of business?

Hard to believe, but the answer is yes.

Shortly after the hurricane, I called and paid my balance over the phone. Two weeks ago, still without service, I received a bill for $2.50--the fee for paying a bill over the phone. So I guess I could pay that over the phone too, and get another bill for $2.50.

Then, last week, I received a check for $30--a refund for my final bill. What final bill? I callled Bellsouth, and spent another couple hours on hold, and ...they couldn't explain either thing to me. Meanwhile, they also can't tell me when I might expect service again.

Now, after the city announced plans for a city-wide wireless service (which,incidentally, doesn't seem to work), BellSouth has recinded an offer of an unused building to house police services.

I'm now waiting for Cox to hook up my cable phone and internet services. I hate the cable congomerates, but not as much as I hate BellSouth.

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