This little lady needs a home.

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This girl dog was living on the streets after the hurricane. A few days after I got back she managed to create a small pack to hang out with. Then they all disappeared. About ten days ago she came back to the hood, with a new collar and much friendlier. But in heat.

She's currently being housed with other dogs in large heated tent at the Lousiana SPCA. But they are transfering all adoptable dogs out after the five day waiting period. I'm looking for anyone--a shelter, foster or organization--who might take her in. I've never pulled a stray off the street without making sure she found a home. So I'm nervous about this little one I"ve been watching so long just getting on a bus and heading out of town.

Aside from being friendly, she's also very small. A rottie/corgi or something. If anyone can help...please let me know!


Betsy said…
Can you send her up to Chicago?
kfoz said…
I'm sure I can find a who?

How many postage stamps will it take?

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