Lugo and Milo

Lugo and Milo
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Here's a nice little break from my Katrina coverage. Which of these guys has the cuter smile? Lugo, on the left, or Milo, on the right?

Lugo is our old neighbor from NYC and Brando's old BFF. Lugo was fished out of the East River when he was a puppy. He's also featured in an essay in Dog Culture. The day before left NYC to move to Florida, Brando went to visit Lugo and leapt back and forth over top of him like an acrobat. Lugo let Brando get away with that kind of thing. Milo was just a baby then, and Brando used to slip his socks off and suck on them when no one was watching. That was funny--the first time.

Why are both these young men smiling? Because they know the person behind the camera loves them.


Betsy said…
I dreamt about dogs last night. One was a three-legged Afghan hound and the other was a scraggly Yorky. Ken, my sister is in New Orleans rescuing animals!
kfoz said…
That's great...can she check on my house, since I'm not allowed back yet?

And I hope who ever she is working with is working with the SPCA. Everyone seems to be grabbing animals and running with them, refusing to put the information in the central database. Apparently everyone thinks their own system is the best, even if it means that the owners don't know where to look to find their pets.

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