Is this the upper or the lower?

People are driving like maniacs around town--because there are no traffic cops, few stop lights and seemingly little traffic. And, most of the jerks driving are from out of state driving brand new cars that don't even have licences--so there's no way to report them. One way streets are two way now, apparently. It is driving me nuts.

On St. Claude this morning I was nearly run off the road by a white pick up going 80 miles an hour. I followed it as best as I could, across the canal into Arabi, where they were welcomed at an official check point.

Later in the morning, an SUV of suburban housewives stopped in front of my house--going the wrong way-- and asked "Is this upper or lower?" What they meant was is this upper or lower 9th Ward. I pretended I had no idea what they were talking about and then told them the lower was across the canal. "And this is a one way street going the other way," I said. They were obviously looking for some good destruction and my area wasn't good enough. They were followed by a sheriff's car with out of town cops inside. "What's the deal with people driving where ever they want to?" I asked. "We'll get them," they said.

Good to know they're cracking down on housewives.


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