Doughnuts of all kinds

There is no internet service in New Orleans, so I've been dashing in and out of cafes all day to use the cable wireless signal that some of them managed to retain. (Currently I'm sitting outside a closed bicycle shop on Frenchmen, using their signal. Across the street is the building that used to be the Spotted Cat, but is no more.)

Last night, after my last stop at Sound Cafe on Chartres, I hopped into my car and discovered that one of the brand new front tires was completely flat. The spare was rusted to the bottom of the car, so I walked down to NOCCA, where the National Gurad is stationed. They were great...pulled the car into the compound. (They continually referred to my van as "the rig") and changed the tire for me and searched for clues as to what happened. So now I've got a little doughnut wheel on the front left side.

Meanwhile, this morning Cafe du Monde opens its doors for the first time. So I'm going to load up on some beighnets and head to the nearest Firestone branch since the tire is only a week old.


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