Faulkner House is open

Faulkner House, the great little bookstore in the French Quarter, is open again. I stopped in yesterday and on my way back up Royal Street I stopped in a few other places, talking to gallery owners who said they weren't selling anything but figured that someone had to be the first back. One owner lost her house and is living with her ex-husband again. "At least when the FEMA trailer arrives I'll have a place to go if we start fighting again," she said.

But many other places where still closed, and others had already vacated, including The Living Room, which used to me my favorite stop back when the owner still kept couches and dogs along one side of the room. Three Dog Bakery is also shuttered--literally--and there was an eviction notice posted on the door. I haven't shared this information with my dogs. But I did send an email to the corporate office suggesting that they might want to keep the store open and help out the local franchise to show support for the city. They are, after all, selling Katrina shirts on their website.


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