Brando discovers a magic potion

Mr. Brando Foster
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The other day at the Louisiana SPCA, a volunteer from California gave me of an herbal stress relieving potion that she developed for Hurricane animals. I'd been telling her about Brando's separation anxiety, which has been through the roof lately. I've used Bach essences off and on in the past, but lately nothing was working. Brando refuses to get in the crate. Brando cries like a baby when I leave the house. Brando is still crying and can be heard from my car when I return. It is not good.

Yet this stuff really works. He refuses to enter the crate--I mist the air above him and he goes in.

He begins whining at my departure...a little spritz and he's fine!

If anyone else is desperate out there, you may want to give it a try: Black Wing Farms is the name of the company. And they can be reached at


lisa in tlh said…
If I had a boyfriend, I'd try it on him. Sounds great!!!
"Honey will you take out the garbage, please?"
"But, the big game is on."
Mist, mist.
"Anything for you, my love."
Anonymous said…
I saw the BLACKWING FARMS booth at a local trade show in Los Angeles, CA and purchased a bottle of their flower essences called COMFORT for a new cat that was having trouble adjusting to all the other animals in our home. Had her for 2 months with no success at making friends with the others but when I added comfort into her water with in HOURS i found her SNUGGELED up with one of the other cats. From that day forward everybody got along. What an amazing difference. I recomend blackwing farms products to anyone who has an animal that needs to overcome emotional, fearful, issues!!! Thank you blackwing farms!!!
vicki said…
I'm another please user of Black Wing Flower Essences - spritz the dog; spritz myself. Dogs in the local shelter seem to appreciate it also. Sacramento Vic

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