Free internet for carpetbaggers

The latest inane announcement from Mayor Nagin (fresh from his Jamaican vacation) is free wireless internet throughout the city. But, in fact, the plan currently is only for two areas: the French Quarter and the CBD, both of which are wealthy demographically and currently housing out of town "relief" workers. They may eventually extend the service beyond those areas, but then the connection speed will drop to 128 kps, which is dial up speed circa 1995. So those of us that live in areas outside the business district, where phone service is still unavailable, are out of luck. But the folks who already had internet access can now get it for free.

When I posted something online about how it was essentially "free for the rich" I got a nasty response from someone who told me I was being nasty and irresponsible. They added that they "worked hard for two years" to pay for their condo. If you can pay for a condo in two are rich. And, of course, the point I was making is that this free wireless service isn't really being provided for citizens at all. It is for the out of towners, and once they live, the power will be turned down.


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