Chicago proposes a breed ban; I propose a ban of Chicago

A friend in Chicago just let me know about the proposed legislation banning all pit bulls and pit mixes. Anyone who has read my blog in the past knows how I feel about this: it is lazy legislation that doesn't address the problem at all. I had been planning to visit Chicago on my book tour. Now I am considering whether I should skip altogether, or arrive wearing my "I Love My Pit Bull" t-shirt and turn my tour stop into a protest.

The problem with breed bans is that the irresponsible owners will continue behaving irresponsibly. Also, it serves as a lesson in the worst kind of problem solving--look the other way, pretend it doesn't exist. If we applied this logic to all of society's problems the following would be banned: drinking, sex, marriage, education, art....oh, wait, maybe this isn't new thinking at all.

Meanwhile, San Francisco has put legislation in effect that requires pit bull owners to neuter and spay their pets, and to have a permit for breeding. It is impossible to argue with this. But why are pit bull owners the only ones who are expected to breed responsibly? It should be expected of ALL dog owners.


megan said…
Yes, please Ken!
Come here in your I love my Pit Bull T-shirt!
Amstaffie said…
BSL = Ban Stupid Legislators!!!

I have a friend in Ontario, Canada where pits were just banned. Luckily she gets to keep her pit (grandfathered) but only if spayed/neutered, always on a leash, muzzled, & a whole bunch of extra money on licenses, microchip, etc.

I think we should ban humans, I see in the news every day were some human has been VERY mean. Why aren't they banned?

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