Saturday, April 08, 2006

Two for one at Amazon...and Books A Million too!

UPDATE: The deals at Amazon and Books A Million are still valid, but they are out of stock on the book. You can still order it, but if you want the book soon, I suggest paying a little more at Barnes and Noble.

Thanks to Terry Gross, The Dogs Who Found Me is selling like hotcakes or something. At Amazon it has been between #30 and #40 for the past couple of days. Because of this high ranking, they have discounted it by 40%, to $7.77. So for a little over $15.00 you can get two copies. Not to be out-done or undersold, Books a Million has now lowered the price by 42% to $7.50. I mention this because I know a number of people seem to be buying it for their friends or their rescue group or whatever, so this is an amazing deal, and frankly, I don't know how Amazon makes any money on it.

You'll also notice that Amazon says "ships in 9-14 days." This isn't quite true. I've been told there will be plenty of copies by Tuesday. Barnes and Noble and Books A Million claim to have copies ready to ship today.

Of course, you can also order it through your local bookstore, or one of the other links below.

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Geoff said...

Do you make less when the price is cut like this? I've been inclined to buy your books at my local independent bookstore (Cody's in Berkeley, where I missed you in March!), rather than from a behemoth like Amazon or B&N.