Fresh Air Thursday April 6th

My interview with Terry Gross airs tomorrow, Thursday April 6th. Check your local listings, or listen online at


Betsy said…
MugsMyFriend said…
Let's see pix of Brando, my "soul mate".
kfoz said…
You can find pictures of Brando and the others at
Boo & Izzy said…
I happened to catch you on Fresh Air. Thanks for all of your positive comments on pit bulls. I was found by the sweetest pit named Boo nearly 8 years ago, and it's one of the best things that ever happened to me. Can't wait to read your book.
Anonymous said…
I LOVE YOU - you are a truly exceptional human! The Fresh Air interview made me absolutely weepy with your beautiful stories. I'm definitely getting your book right away. Thanks for being so awesome!!!
Lisa in tlh said…
Had to catch the replay. Great job!!!
Anonymous said…
I have a lab/pit mix and she is the
sweetest most playfull and smartest
dog we've ever had. And I've read
about the falicy of the strength
of the jaw-that it has been researched
that there is no more pressure from
a pit than any other dog (allowing for
size) so I will look forward to you
next book on pits!

Now we are off to look for a brother
for Mocha Jean, probably a lab mix of
some sort, I'm not sure about another
pit/lab mix because she is kind of dominant.

Anonymous said…
Wow! I can't wait to catch all of your interview on the internet, and my order is on the way!

Thank you for your positive portrayal of rescue and adoption, and especially of the pit bull/bully breeds. I rescued a little pup who turned out to be a pit bull mix, and was as wonderful and intelligent a dog as I have ever met. I started researching the breed, and am horrified at how irresponsible owners and the media image are destroying the breed, and how BSL threatens all of us who love these dogs. Ken, thank you so much for educating people on how wonderful these dogs can really be.

For other owners who would like to know specifically more about the breed, is a wonderful place to start!
Anonymous said…

Great job on the interview, I enjoyed it very much.

Dan Scapusio
Amanda said…
I heard your Fresh Air interview today while driving home and really enjoyed it. I made a detour to check out your book from the library (poor college student here), and placed my name on the list to receive it once the library receives their copy.
Anonymous said…
I really, really enjoyed your interview on Fresh Air. Coincidentally, I was wearing "My Granddaughter is a Pit Bull" t-shirt today. My college-student daughter (who hopes to graduate a vetinarian) brought home a pit bull puppy she rescued from western Palm Beach County. Although I was hesitant at first, Kesi with proper training and socializing is the most loving and loyal dog we've ever known! She's great with our 17-year old dog (lets her eat first) and 4 cats. Thanks for spreading the word above the true nature of most pit bulls!
Sue Woo said…
You are my new hero! I needed one! I heard you on Fresh Air this evening while I drove two children home from a visit with their mother. They loved you too. I will nuy the book and hope you go on a book toyr soon. Thank you for sharing your wonderful stories.
Walter said…
Caught your interview midway through on the radio and went online to hear the rest-- what a wonderful interview! We thought it was so great that we talked about it on our dog podcast and linked to the online version from our website at :) - Looking forward to checking out the book! Glad we found your website, your dogs are awesome!
Christina said…
I was really moved by your interview on Fresh Air. I too got my pit bull through an ad on Petfinder, not knowing what breed she was, and she has turned out to be the sweetest, most affectionate dog I've ever personally known. Thank you for spreading the news!
Anonymous said…
Caught most of your interview and what to offer a couple suggestions. First the dog on little rascals is not a pit but an American Bulldog. Not sure about the RCA think you might be correct. To be fair some AB's do share some pit and may resemble...oh also doubt the 85lb dog you were talking about was a pit?

This said if you have pits or AB's you are aware they are not labs...I have an AB and she is a wonderful pet but will never be confused with a golden retreiver. These breeds of dogs are not for everyone. I was against breed bans until we got our AB and became familar with the breed. Ours is a memeber of the family who is the sweetest...still see so many out there who should not own dogs period and who given a bull breed..well that is why the bans.
kfoz said…
Well, you probably should have listened a little more carefully. I never said anything about the RCA dog.

I'm curious that you endorse a law that would make it possible for someone to take your dog an euthanize it. Are you sure you like your dog? Maybe you should find another home for it, now.

Valentino, the 85 pound pit bull, can be seen on the website. He doesn't really look 85 pounds, but trust me, we weighed him.
Anonymous said…
You are a wonderful, rare and talanted person. I was driving when I heard your interview, and I literally had to pull over to cry. I can feel the tears welling up again as I type this.

Your words released an overwhelming wave of feelings from deep within me. The feelings were not new to me, as I have gradually accumulated them over many years. I experienced each of them in situ, but your words elicited all of them at once.

I cannot offer enough praise for a person that is able to share their own experiences in a manner that captures so many of my own feelings and experiences.
Anonymous said…
I heard your interview on fresh air and truly enjoyed it. I myself have adopted from the dog pound and can relate how special and unique all these dogs are.
I am looking forward to reading your new and future books.
dog food sugar said…
I also caught your interview and found it riveting. Thanks so much for the work you do.

I have a pit bull mix from pre-Katrina Louisiana and she is a little angel. Shy little delicate flower.

Looking forward to getting your book. Best wishes in all you do.
I heard your interview on NPR while driving home from class the night it aired. I was blown away by your sensitivity and sense of stewardship!
I also have a bulldog named Mack, who lives in the house with me. He's the only good thing that came from my marriage. He's the only thing I fought to keep, too. I have the kind of deep relationship you spoke of having with your dog Brando.
I ordered your book from my local book store and just received it last night. Kudos to you for putting on paper sentiments that so many of us feel very deeply about dogs!
My parents have been rescuing dogs and other animals since I was tiny, and I internalized that same sense of duty. I've shared varying time and space with some wonderful dogs and it's made my life rich and significant.
I've ordered copies of your book to give to friends who will appreciate it, and starting Monday, I'm reading it to my students in the elementary school where I teach. I want them to know what a true role model is!
Thank You, again!!!

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